Who are you and why should I listen to you?:

I’m Traci-Jade Lindgren, the author of this website. I’m currently finishing my final year at California State University, Long Beach and expect to graduate with Latin honors, a Finance degree, and a minor in Economics to boot.

Why did you create this website?:

I created this website to analyze securities and their anticipated performance using what I’ve learned throughout my life. I want to prove I know something, and not “prove myself” through a useless multiple choice test.

Why is this site called “Nereus”?:

My second favorite ancient civilization next to ancient Egypt is ancient Greece. I even took a class on Greek myth in college and thoroughly enjoyed it. Plus, Greek stuff is quite classy and Greek symbols are used in the finance/mathematics world. Nereus, as described in Hesiod’s Theogony, is a trustworthy, gentle, and righteous man. That’s the kind of mythological daemon I want representing me and my site, and guiding my intentions.

I welcome criticism, complements, and citations of my website and its content.

DISCLAIMER: Keep in mind, the analysis I publish on this website is not a replacement for a financial advisor, nor am I certified to give financial advice. The information I post is based on my own opinion, knowledge, and research. Investments can decrease in value at any time, regardless of what I post here. Invest at your own risk!